Humor Boot Camp® 2-Day VIRTUAL Workshop

August 22-23, 2024

Give Us 2 Days and We’ll Make You Funnier for Life!

Humor Boot Camp ®

  • DATE:  FRI/SAT- August 22-23, 2024
  • TIME: 9:00am – 4pm-ish (both days)
  • FACULTY:  Chris McGuire & Darren LaCroix, CSP, AS, WCSP

Early Bird Pricing Ends August 16th @11pm (pacific)

2024/08/16 23:00:00

What did presenters, coaches, and entrepreneurs have to say about Humor Boot Camp?

This time it's Virtual...Give Us 2 Days and We'll Make You Funnier for Life.

Finally, a place where professionals can go to learn how to be funnier. At Humor Boot Camp, you’ll find out how to get more laughs in a professional setting and make your message more compelling and entertaining! When audiences are laughing, they are listening.   This is where you will discover secrets to create your own unique humor that you can use again and again.

Funny people think differently.

So, if you want to be funnier you have to think the way funny people think. This Humor Boot Camp® is packed with laughter-generating exercises designed to change the way you think and look at things. They will train your brain to see things funny. By the end of these 2 days, you’ll not only see humor in more places, but you’ll also know how to deliver it again and again. You’ll never look at the world the same way again.

What if I'm Not Funny?

Perfect. You are like Darren when he started out. Darren started his career at an open mic night at a Boston comedy club. That night’s headline comedian literally told Darren as he left the stage, “Don’t quit your day job.” He was never told he was funny, and he had no stage presence whatsoever. In fact, at the Humor Boot Camp® you will see a video clip of his very first time on stage. That clip is guaranteed to inspire you.

Because Darren learned the hard way, he is quick to point out the shortcuts to make your journey light years faster than his. He has taken principles from the comedy world and adapted them to help you create clean humor you can use in your presentations again and again. Because this is an interactive experience and not a sit-and-listen seminar, you’ll build your own humor confidence during the course of this workshop.

Can You Really Learn to Be Funnier?

What if I'm Already Funny?

Then you will learn insight from Chris McGuire.  During his decades in late night comedy and specials like the Comedy Central Roasts, Chris has produced and written for some of the biggest presenters in television, including George Lopez, Arsenio Hall, Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg, and Kevin Hart.  As a coach, he’s helped keynote speakers and corporate presenters be funnier and more engaging, and he’ll be revealing those comedy secrets to you.

Tap into Your Funny Faculty's Decades of Experience

Chris McGuire

Darren LaCroix

What Do Attendees Say About the Experience?

By the End of the 2 Days You Will:

  • Learn the essentials of humor
  • Master joke writing techniques
  • Use associations to generate observational humor
  • Make your personal stories funnier
  • Gain tools to transform serious topics into humorous ones.
  • Increase your confidence as a speaker.
  • Avoid the common mistakes presenters make with humor.
  • Leave with your own punchlines you can use in your next presentation!

OK, What's My Investment?

Well, what is your reputation worth? Every time you are in front of an audience, your impact is multiplied. What would more laughs every time you present for the rest of your career be worth to you?

Time is money. Darren invested six years of his life learning it the hard way before figuring it out.  Learn how he went from zero to hero winning the World Championship of Public Speaking with a very funny speech. (Some say one of the funniest in the history of the contest, while also making a point!)  Accelerate your journey and avoid wasting time at Humor Boot Camp!

You have 3 choices:

  • Keep doing it the way you have been.
  • Invest $3,500 in a personal coach/comedy writer.
  • Get all Darren condensed the best of what he learned in over two decades into this 2-day transformational experience.
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Early Bird Special Pricing Ends August 16th @11pm (pacific)

2024/08/16 23:00:00

100% Risk-Free Darrentee

Your success in attending the Workshop is completely guaranteed. In fact, here’s our Stage Time University 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee:

We personally guarantee that you will be thrilled with the results this program will bring you as long as you use the tools. The tools have been proven to work over and over again.

If, after the first day, you honestly believe you have not received the tools that empower you to own the stage, let us know, and we’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

Plus, you can still keep your access to the video recordings of the event. Fair enough?

So, there’s no risk – just reward. Are you ready to start leaving more of a lasting impact and owning the stage? Ready to start spreading your message and brand around the globe? We look forward to being in your audience one day, and we’re hoping you will use these formulas to sell us on leaning in and listening to you.


Save Your Seat Now and Get Your FREE Bonus ($497 Value)

You’re not attending this master class just to laugh and learn. You want to have your own humor & jokes you again and again!

Research shows that within one hour of watching a class, people will have forgotten approximately 50% of the information that was presented to them. Within 24 hours, they will have forgotten nearly 70% of new information and within one week, it increases to 90%. This is why we give you one full year to review the recordings as often as you’d like. Be a sponge. When you rewatch the Master Workshop with your notes you’ll get even more insight the every time through!



Faculty: Chris McGuire & Darren LaCroix, CSP, AS


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Get our proven humor creation processes. Do you know there are humor templates & formulas? You’ll get many to use during the event.


Early Bird Pricing


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