Get Paid to Speak 30-Day Challenge

Attention: Authors, Consultants & Coaches 30-Day Challenge

April 9th, 16th, 23rd, 29th, 2024

It all starts with a single decision.

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Get Paid to Speak 30-Day Challenge: June 2023

Workshop Details


Faculty: Darren LaCroix, CSP, AS

4 Week Program, 90 Min. Session
10 AM Pacific Time (1 PM Eastern)
2024/04/08 21:00:00

Ever see a speaker whom you knew was getting paid and thought... I'm at least that good. You could be 100% right. But...

…what did they do to get booked?

Join me and find out…the 30-Day Challenge!

I’m starting over with a new keynote topic. I’m going back to the basics. I’m pulling back the curtain…follow what I’m doing step-by-step.

Watch this 2 minute video

Get the 30-Day Plan with...

  • the encouragement you want…
  • …and the accountability you need.

Want to make this your year?

Feel like enough is enough ...ready to get serious?

Take the Actions You Need To, That Most Speakers Won't

Tired of learning the things you need to do, but not taking action on them? If you are like me, you learn all the time but then struggle to actually implement those things. Accountability and clear action steps for the week are hard to come up with on your own. Join the 30-day challenge and jumpstart your career with a clear plan, the action steps broken down, and the group of peers to keep you on track to Get Paid to Speak!

Who is the Challenge For?

  • Coaches who want to build their business through speaking
  • Professional speakers who want more bookings
  • Emerging speakers who want to get started quickly

This is designed for experienced speakers who want to get back to the basics in this new world and emerging speakers who are ready to get serious. Decide.


1. Join the challenge.

1. Join the challenge.

2. Get the plan.

2. Get the plan.

3. Get know by event planners.

3. Get known by event planners.

Work together, alongside me.

  • Four 90-Minute Event Replays.
  • 30-Day Plan. Do what matters for an event planner to choose you.
  • Encouragement & Accountability to get breakthroughs.
  • The Tools you need.
Get Paid to Speak 30-Day Challenge

What's the Investment?

Well, what is a single-booked speech worth? ($797)

Which means…if I can help you book just one more speech:

  • If your fee is $5,000, your ROI is 25x
  • If your fee is $1,500, your ROI is 7.5x
  • If your fee is $500, your ROI is 2.5x

Um, did you have a better plan?

Many WANT to get paid to speak. Few do what it actually takes.

JOIN ME…let’s do this together.

What did speakers say who took the course?


Get Paid to Speak 30-Day Challenge

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