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Create videos that go viral and bring in business without the expensive equipment.
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If you wanted to learn to speak fluid Italian, would you…

Take a quick course? Or Move to Italy for a month?

Full immersion transforms us.

This is a full immersion program. Dive in deep for 2 days.

You’ll never be the same again, Darrenteed.

You don’t need fancy, high-end cameras, lights and mics to create videos that go viral and bring in business. I love that videos I created ten years ago on YouTube are still brining me thousands of views and business leads. What’s been crazy is that my short-form videos are dramatically out performing my old videos by ten times!

So, when I decided to commit to this shot-form format I kept my eyes open to who was killing it. I know, as you probably do, the fastest way to learn something new is to go straight to the experts. It saves so much time and avoids so much frustration. Whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, facebook or TikTok, short-form is going crazy and I want ride that wave. You?

Get More Views
Get More Views

I have over 2000 videos posted that are like little soldiers working for free, 24-7. They are on a mission for me creating rapport with potential clients and sending them to his different websites. How cool is that?

Here is what else I love, I can make the videos right on my phone and they are super short. What I really love is that I can create short-form video and up load it to YouTube, Insta, facebook and TikTok. It multiplies my efforts. Want that? We call it: repackage, repurpose.

So, when I found out my friend Hilary was killing it with short-form videos and was teaching a class on it, I signed up! Hilary and Marshall gave me a whole new perspective on what to do and how to do it. I left with an idea that I immediately created. So much fun. When I heard their story I knew I wanted to team up with them and train alongside of them.

Check out Marshall & Hilary’s story:

Three years ago, Hilary and I were given the opportunity to create content for a monetized Facebook page by Meta’s largest publisher of content. The other creators doing this were getting millions of views and making crazy amounts of money from having ads served on their videos. The pandemic had just hit, and we needed a new source of revenue, so this seemed perfect.

She and I both came from content creation backgrounds. Myself as a musician and filmmaker, and her as a journalist and on-camera red carpet host. So, we thought we understood content. We posted our first video, expecting it make thousands of dollars. Instead, crickets.

We posted another. Nothing. And another. Still nothing. It was MONTHS of posting video after video that simply didn’t get any traction. We were about to give up when we decided to give it one last chance. But this time, we checked our egos at the door, and spent countless hours studying the videos these other creators had been making. I’m ashamed to admit how much time I spent watching and dissecting seemingly pointless videos on Facebook.

I kept a spreadsheet for every one, scribbling down what was happening in the first second, the third second, the fifth second, and so on. Eventually, a formula started to immerge. I felt like John Nash from “A Beautiful Mind,” discovering the hidden secrets of social media videos. Now, we’ve taken this formula… the same one that brought us over 1,000,000,000 views… and are teaching it to you to help drive growth and revenue for your content.

Meet my short-form video mentors, Marshall Seese, Jr. & Hilary Billings.

Get More Views: Marshall & Hillary

That’s why I’m joining forces with them!

Want to join us? We will rock your world in just two days and you’ll leave with new videos posted during the event. This will be a totally “hands on” experience.

So how to you GET MORE VIEWS?

Go from undiscovered to growing and monetizing your short-form videos.

How to get your short-form videos in front of potential clients & set up to go viral.

Unlock the potential of short-form video and accelerate the growth of your social profiles. This is the exact system the Attentioneers, Hilary and Marshall used to amass over 1 BILLION views across platforms and grow from zero to 850k+ followers on TikTok with zero paid ads.

Standing out in a sea of billions has never been more difficult. It’s estimated that over 20 million videos are posted every day, and only one is yours. Okay, maybe two or three if you’re hyper active, but you get the point 🙂

Get More Views
Get More Views

Don't Get Lost in the Crowd

  • Does posting new content feel pointless?
  • Does it seem like the algorithm is ignoring you?
  • Or, are you new to short-form video and have no idea where to start?

For most brands and creators, making content isn’t the problem. Getting your target audience to notice and care about it is. This requires a specific optimization of your videos to ensure the best chance of capturing your audience. That’s where this workshop comes in. It’s not that hard once you understand how.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to grow and monetize your short-form video.

This workshop is a hands-on, no-fluff, deep dive into creating videos that are engineered to go viral. You’ll work directly with view count billionaires to ideate compelling video concepts, develop them, and actually shoot them. You will leave this special 2-day event with videos ready for posting. The Attentioneers have helped countless creators, brands, and agencies increase their video views by 20X and their engagement by 248X.

Why Us?

Well, Hilary & Marshall are killing it! Some of their videos have gotten from 22.2 Million views all the way up to 69.4 Millions views! Oh, and 857.3K followers. They are fun, cool and brilliant too.

Why me? He has over 4.7 Million views on YouTube. Some of my videos have 346K views and most importantly bring him potential clients. I’ve posted over 2000 videos posted that are like little soldiers working for free, 24-7, creating rapport with potential clients and sending them to his different websites.

Momentum matters too! In the past 28 days, from work I did previously, I’ve gained 22.9K views, 1.3 K of watch time and 125 new subscribers. Join us, we’d love to get you ramped up and on a new path!

Get More Views
Get More Views

At This Workshop You'll Quickly Learn How To:

1. Get Started: Short-Form Foundations.

  • Learn the replicable way we generated over 1 billion organic video views in less than 12 months across social media platforms.
  • Understand how social media algorithms work and why certain videos go viral while others don’t.

2. Get Attention: Creating Viral Ideas

  • Learn the 3 critical traits all viral videos have in common.
  • Re-program how you think about videos to prevent people from swiping away.
  • Understand the brainstorming system that will create an endless stream of video concepts.

3. Get Great Footage: Mastering Viral Production

  • Learn the #1 problem creators face when shooting videos and how to overcome it.
  • Understand the common mistakes people make with lighting, framing, sound, and editing that kill video views.
  • Learn how to properly re-purpose content shot for other platforms in a way that grabs attention.

4. Get Traction: Pro Posting Strategies

  • Learn how professional creators use the video description to maximize the reach and longevity of videos.
  • Understand how to optimize video retention with our on-screen title formula.
  • Learn the hashtag and trending sound strategies used by top creators to get noticed.
Get More Views

Here’s our guarantee to you: By the time you complete this two-day workshop, you will have the tools you need to create compelling content and position yourself to go viral. When you put these tools to work, you’ll become the kind of creator people like, share, and follower. Driving more leads to the top of your funnel.

So, What's the Investment?

Great question. What is your time worth? What if you could create better content faster? What if you knew how to handle tough audiences and keep them engaged for the entire training? If you do a quick search, you’ll see that typical train-the-trainer programs range from $5,000 – $10,000.

Not here. We have made first-class transformational training fun and affordable. How? We don’t work for some big company. It’s just the two of us doing what we love so you can help your audiences. We are not sending some average trainers for you. You will be with 2 industry experts who have been training trainers for over a decade. You won’t look at training the same way again, Darrenteed.

The bonus could be worth more to you than the workshop itself. You get the access to video replays for a year and you get the MP3s from the entire event to reinforce the learning. This is a $500 value for free.

Why be a VIP?

Join us a VIP and you’ll get even more personal 3-on-1 Coaching with your audience, ideas and videos. You’ll literally have the three experts and all of the workshop attendees master-minding for you! The added attention and help will be invaluable.

Together, we’ll work on:

  • Your your ideas…and give you more
  • Your videos…and help you tweak them
  • You industry and what they want to see!

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Live in person. Reap the benefit of in-person, focused immersion training.

LIVE in Vegas or Virtually

Sit at the feet of the masters.

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