Find the Funny! Creating Stories that Stick

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

November 7-9, 2024

The 3-Day Virtual Workshop

“There is nothing like the feeling of making an audience laugh.” - Darren


2024/10/31 23:00:00

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Are you a professional keynote speaker who wants to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression? Do you struggle to infuse humor into your stories, making them memorable and engaging? You are not alone. Most speakers love humor and wish they could get more laughs. Finding humor in stories is not a skill set most are born with.


Imagine this: You’re on stage, delivering your speech. You’ve spent weeks preparing, and the content is stellar, but the audience’s faces remain stoic. They’re not laughing; they’re not engaged. Your message isn’t resonating, and your impact is lost.

Humor is a powerful tool in a speaker’s arsenal, and it’s often the missing ingredient that separates the good from the unforgettable. Finding the right balance of humor in your storytelling can be challenging, especially if you’re not a natural comedian. But without it, your message may go in one ear and out the other, leaving your audience uninspired and unimpressed.

Anyone can steal a joke from the internet and try and make it fit your story. Not only can that damage your reputation instantly, but it is like slapping a piece of duct tape on your story. Everyone can see it, and it feels awkward. So, how can you uncover organic humor hidden in your story?

Find Your Funny
Find Your Funny
Find Your Funny


Whether you are a keynote speaker competing to get booked more often, want humor in your demo reel, or competing in a speech competition, humor is a powerful differentiator.

Introducing “Finding the Funny: Creating Stories that Stick,” a two-day virtual workshop designed exclusively for speakers like you. What if you had your skills and could “think” like a comedian? Even better, what if you knew the secret process comedians follow? This is a process comedians do every day, but they don’t want you to know about it. It is their secret power. You’ll discover exactly what they look for and why. You’ll see gold in your stories that you never would have on your own. It’s right there if you know where to look!


  • The fastest way to connect
  • Improves retention
  • More persuasive
  • Relieves tension (especially in tough or boring subjects)
Benefits of Humor for Presenters
Level Up Your Presentations


  • Create fast, emotional connections
  • Even more memorable
  • Creates trust, credibility, and likeability
  • They can be retold again and again
  • Increases your re-hire rate and improves your speaker demo reel
Find Your Funny

What You'll Discover:

  • The Science of Humor: Understand why certain things are funny and how to apply humor effectively in your stories.
  • The 7 Essentials of Storytelling: Be the best storyteller in your niche’. Master the art of crafting compelling narratives that resonate with your audience.
  • Creating Memorable Characters: Develop characters that leave a lasting impression and keep your audience entertained.
  • Finding Your Unique Style: Discover your comedic voice and how to authentically integrate humor into your presentations.

Why Choose to Join Us?

  • Proven Results: Darren LaCroix and Chris McGuire have a track record of transforming speakers into crowd-pleasing, humorous storytellers.
  • Exclusive Content: You won’t find these techniques anywhere else. This seminar is tailored specifically for keynote speakers and speech competitors.
  • Exclusive Tools: Walk Away with Chris and Darren’s Humor Detector and Humor Mill Checklist. You won’t find them anywhere else. They created them.
  • Two-Day Intensive: Dive deep into the world of humor and storytelling with this immersive learning experience.
Find Your Funny

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your keynote speaking career or competition speech to the next level. Become the unforgettable, humorous storyteller your audience will rave about. Join us for “Finding the Funny: Creating Stories that Stick.”

Seats are limited. Reserve your spot today and transform your storytelling & humor skills forever!

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Meet Your World-Class Coaches

We’ve brought together two industry giants, two former comedians turned speakers and coaches, to guide you on your journey to becoming a captivating, humorous storyteller:
Meet Darren LaCroix

Meet Darren LaCroix

Darren LaCroix, the World Champion of Public Speaking, will be your coach and mentor throughout the seminar. With over two decades of experience, Darren has mastered the art of combining humor with powerful storytelling. He knows how to grab an audience’s attention, keep them engaged, and leave a lasting impression. Now, he’s here to share his secrets with you.

Meet Chris McGuire

Meet Chris McGuire

Joining Darren is Hollywood Comedy Writer, Chris McGuire. Not only was Chris Darren’s mentor, he has written for some of the funniest shows and comedians in the industry. His expertise in humor will provide you with the tools to craft stories that are not only hilarious but also relatable and memorable.

They have developed a proven-process based on decades of humor and comedy storytelling experience. You’ll never look at stories and humor the same way again. You’ll develop your humor detector over this two- day experience.

100% Risk-Free Darrentee

Your success in attending the Workshop is completely guaranteed. In fact, here’s our Stage Time University 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee:

We personally guarantee that you will be thrilled with the results this program will bring you as long as you use the tools. The tools have been proven to work over and over again.

If, after the first day, you honestly believe you have not received the tools that empower you to own the stage, let us know, and we’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

Plus, you can still keep your access to the video recordings of the event. Fair enough?

So, there’s no risk – just reward. Are you ready to start leaving more of a lasting impact and owning the stage? Ready to start spreading your message and brand around the globe? We look forward to being in your audience one day, and we’re hoping you will use these formulas to sell us on leaning in and listening to you.

Find Your Funny
Find Your Funny

Save Your Seat Now and Get Your FREE Bonus ($497 Value)

You’ll get the full event replays! You’re not attending this master class just to laugh and learn. You want to have your own humor & jokes you can use again and again!

Research shows that within one hour of watching a class, people will have forgotten approximately 50% of the information that was presented to them. Within 24 hours, they will have forgotten nearly 70% of new information and within one week, it increases to 90%. This is why we give you one full year to review the recordings as often as you’d like. Be a sponge. When you rewatch the Master Workshop with your notes you’ll get even more insight every time through!

Find Your Funny

OK, What’s My Investment?

Well, what is your reputation worth? Every time you are in front of an audience, your impact is multiplied. What would more laughs every time you present for the rest of your career be worth to you? How would you feel if you walked away with a new or dramatically improved story you could tell again and again? What’s that worth? You’ll also be able to see more humor potential every time you look at a story. Worth?

Time is money. Darren invested six years of his life learning it the hard way. He took six years of classes, bombing at countless comedy clubs, and frustrating trial-and-error to go from zero stage presence to winning the World Championship of Public Speaking with a very funny speech. (Some say one of the funniest in the history of the contest while also making a point!).

You have 3 choices:

  • Keep doing it the way you have been.
  • Invest $3,500 in a personal coach/comedy writer.
  • Get all Darren condensed the best of what he learned in over two decades into this 3-day transformational experience.
Find Your Funny


2024/10/31 23:00:00


Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!
May 30th- June 1st, 2024


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Watch video for more details




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