Transform your presentation skills in just 3 days

Learn from world-champions and world-class coaches and get massive breakthroughs in our live and virtual public speaking workshops.
Get Unstuck with Game-Changing Insights

Get Unstuck with
Game-Changing Insights

Become Captivating on Stage or on Zoom

Become Captivating on
Stage or on Zoom

Leapfrog the Competition & Become Unforgettable

Leapfrog the Competition
& Become Unforgettable

Want to dramatically improve your speaking skills — quickly?

Learning to speak like a pro takes time. But if you want game-changing results quickly in one key area?  StageTime University’s Public Speaking Workshops were designed for you.

Each interactive event is taught by experienced professionals and is hyper-focused to help you elevate your presentations in the areas that matter most to you… and have fun doing it!

Improve your speaking skills

Ever notice that most presenters take the stage while
others own it? What's the difference?

One word: TRAINING.

These interactive Public Speaking Workshops are for…

  • Corporate Presenters who want to be unforgettable
  • ​Entrepreneurs who want to increase their influence
  • Pro speakers who want to stand out & get more bookings
  • ​Authors who want to build a business & sell more books
  • ​Emerging speakers who want to become world-class — quickly
  • ​Coaches who want to build their business through speaking

3 Days + World-Class Coaches =
Your Personal Transformation

5 Critical Ways Our Public Speaking Workshops are Different:
Learn Directly from Public Speaking Pros

Learn Directly from the Pros

Get insights from the BEST in the world. (Because we literally wrote the book on Delivering Unforgettable Presentations.)

Woman enjoying public speaking skills workshop

Get Breakthroughs Faster

You’ll experience real growth in just days. (Because wasting time and spinning wheels is not for you.)

Man preparing for virtual presentation

Stay Current & Relevant

Our workshops evolve with industry changes. (Because out-dated ideas create out-of-touch presenters.)

In-Person or Online Public Speaking Workshops

Join In-Person or Online

Get the same great content and teachers however you join (Because traveling shouldn’t be required to grow your skills)

Having enjoy a Fun, Engaging Experience at a Public Speaking Workshops

A Fun, Engaging Experience

We’ve made learning world-class techniques fun! (Because who wants to be bored for 3 days straight?)

MP3s and replays of workshops

BONUS: MP3s & Replays for 1 Year

Watch or listen to your event again and again! (Because it is jam-packed with insights you’ll want to revisit.)

We’ve Helped Over 2,100 Students From Around the World get Breakthroughs!

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A Simple Process for Significant Growth

Your Effort x (Proven Process + Priceless Feedback) = Presentation Mastery
1. Pick your Hyper-Focused Workshop

1. Pick your Hyper-Focused Workshop

Each workshop is hyper-focused to help you get results where you need them most.

2. Learn from Real-World, Experienced Pros

2. Learn from Real-World, Experienced Pros

Our world-class process was developed through decades of success on stage.

3. Get Career-Changing Presentation Breakthroughs

3. Get Career-Changing Presentation Breakthroughs

The next time you take the stage will be unlike any time before!

Why learn from Darren and his faculty?

Upcoming Workshops

"Drop In" IMPROV Workshop


“Drop In” IMPROV Workshop Monday

October 3rd,  5PM PST
90-Minute Virtual Session

Faculty: Mike Davis & Kevin Burke

Workshop How to Create Your B, C, R Dream PLAN

How to Create My Big, Crazy, Ridiculous Dream Plan

Tuesdays – August 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd

VIRTUAL Live Stream

Faculty: Darren LaCroix CSP, AS

Better Stories, Better Business September 2021

Better Stories, Better Business

October 12/13/14, 2022
3-Day Virtual Workshop

Faculty: Darren LaCroix CSP, AS & WCPS & Mark Brown, CSP & WCPS

March 23rd, 2023

 Member-Only Summit 2023!

March 23, 2023

Amazing presenters aren’t lucky.
They’re trained.


Game Changers 2023!

March 24 & 25, 2023


Mastermind Retreat


Virtual – Only 8 Seats! 3-Day INTENSIVE

Faculty: Ford Saeks, CSP, CPAE, Jennifer Joseph-Lier, and Darren LaCroix, CSP

Humor Boot Camp©

3-Day LIVE Workshop

Faculty: Kevin Burke, Stephanie McHugh, Darren LaCroix CSP, AS, WCPS

Get Coached to Speak: November 3-5, 2021

Get Coached to Speak

3-Day LIVE or Virtual Workshop

Faculty: Darren LaCroix CSP, AS & WCPS & Mark Brown, CSP & WCPS

Mastering Virtual Presentations

Mastering Virtual Presentations

3-Day Virtual Workshop

Faculty: Ed Tate, CSP, WCPS, Mark Brown, CSP, WCPS & Darren LaCroix

Unforgettable Presentations: November 10-12, 2021

Unforgettable Presentations

3-Day Virtual Workshop

Faculty: Mark Brown, CSP, WCPS, and Darren LaCroix, CSP, AS, WCPS

Missed the Event?

Get instant access to the replays.
Get Paid to Speak Challenge

Get Paid to Speak 30-Day Challenge

Faculty: Darren LaCroix

Game Changers 2022

2022 Game Changers

Faculty: Saeks / Burke / Brown / LaCroix / Tate / Devries / Lier / West

Mastering Virtual Presentations Event Replays

Virtual Presentations Workshop

Faculty: Tate / Brown / LaCroix

Build Your Brand Event Replay

Launch Your Own Podcast

Faculty: Andrews / Darren LaCroix / Fortune Stott

Sermons That Stick!

Sermons That Stick!

Faculty: LaCroix / Brown / Antonucci

Unforgettable Presentations

Unforgettable Presentations

Faculty: LaCroix / Brown

Event Replay

Better Stories, Better Business

Faculty: Hauge / LaCroix

Video Marketing Made Simple

Video Marketing Made Simple

Faculty: Andrews / LaCroix

Humor Boot Camp

Humor Boot Camp®

Faculty: Burke / McHugh / LaCroix

Get Coached to Speak

Get Coached to Speak

Faculty: Brown / LaCroix

Your Book! Write it Right Now

Your Book!
Write it Right Now

Faculty: Zappala / Green / LaCroix

Mastering Back-of-the-Room Sales

Mastering Back-of-the-Room Sales

Faculty: Valentine / LaCroix

Game Changer REPLAYS

2020 Game Changers

Faculty: Eaton / Joseph-Lier / Brown / Saeks / Burke / LaCroix / Tate / Sherman

Are you making any of the Top 10 Speaking Mistakes?

World-Champion Speaker Darren LaCroix shares the top 10 public speaking mistakes to avoid if you want to present like a pro.

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Luxoft Live Master Public Speaking Workshop

^ European Leader, Luxoft, brought Darren & Mark to teach their executive team.

Get career-changing breakthroughs and start
delivering unforgettable presentations.

Don’t spend another day spinning your wheels and cutting your potential short. Register for a workshop and get ready to grow your skills and business.