MP3-Healing, Hope & Humor, A Comedian’s Journey: Dave Fitzgerald


Healing, Hope & Humor: A Comedian’s Journey (Inspiring Documentory on MP3)

Dave Fitzgerald, a comedian in the US was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Instead of wallowing in self-pity and depression, he laughed about his condition along with the nurse and doctors and became a motivational force for many cancer patients. To help others like him, he has produced videos and even wrote a song ‘Feel The Breeze’. We hope this song will inspire you like how it has with others.

Outfitted with only radical surgery and his keen sense of humor, internationally known comedian Dave Fitzgerald not only survived cancer, he endured his ordeal with a big smile! We have all heard that laughter is the best medicine, but where do you get the healing prescription? Share this poignant video with a loved one, friend, or business associate you know whose life has been turned upside down with a diagnosis of cancer or other life-threatening condition. This inside story will help them deal with their new reality as it captures the essence of what it takes to survive such a challenge.

*This is not medical advice, it is an inspiring story from a patients perspective.

(Running time: 39 minutes)