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“There is nothing like the feeling of making an audience laugh.”

-Darren LaCroix
Finally, a place where professionals can go to learn how to be funnier. We’re not talking about learning to tell dirty jokes. We are talking about learning how to get more laughs in a professional setting to make your message more digestible! When they are laughing, they are listening. Discover secrets to create your own unique humor that you can use again and again.

Imagine this: You’re on stage, delivering your speech. You’ve spent weeks preparing, and the content is stellar, but the audience’s faces remain stoic. They’re not laughing; they’re not engaged. Your message isn’t resonating, and your impact is lost.

Humor is a powerful tool in a speaker’s arsenal, and it’s often the missing ingredient that separates the good from the unforgettable. Finding the right balance of humor in your storytelling can be challenging, especially if you’re not a natural comedian. But without it, your message may go in one ear and out the other, leaving your audience uninspired and unimpressed.

Anyone can steal a joke from the internet and try and make it fit your story. Not only can that damage your reputation instantly, but it is like slapping a piece of duct tape on your story. Everyone can see it, and it feels awkward. So, how can you uncover organic humor hidden in your story?

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