About Darren LaCroix’s Stage Time University

He felt invisible in high school.
He failed as a business owner.
He worked in a cubicle for over a decade.


What made the difference for him
can make the difference for you.

THE ANSWER: The best training and coaching

Darren has trained presenters around the U.S. and in 35 international cities around the world. Now that he has found his voice, he has committed to working with presenters who are serious about telling their story in a way that will leave a lasting impact. If you are passionate, have a message that matters, and are willing to put in the effort, you just might have what it takes to own the stage.

Darren LaCroix

“If you’re not coachable there is no cure.” - Darren LaCroix


To help each other master our messages and create unforgettable stories; to plant seeds of hope in the hearts of our audience so that we can change the world one presentation at a time. Together we are merchants of hope.

Darren has assembled a faculty of the best coaches in the world who teach from real-life, stage time experience, have the intent to help you, and have fun doing it. Why? Because they love what they do.

takes care of you and makes it all happen.
Regine MacDonald

Regine MacDonald,

Empress of Efficiency

Regine wants to live in a world where you won’t gain weight from eating chocolate, and there is no limit to the number of puppies you may own!

As the Empress of Efficiency, she handles customer service issues, helps to plan and run live events, and keeps things running smoothly.

When she’s not running the office, you can find her cooking, hiking, working in her yard, or playing with her dog Zoey.

Vickie Nickel

Vickie Nickel,

The Diva of Development

Vickie believes that everyone has a voice and should have an opportunity to share it with the world.

As the Diva of Development, she creates systems and processes to ensure that every little detail is covered so the team can focus on ways to enhance STUniversity. She is based in Georgia.

Vickie loves deadlines. In fact, all three of her sons were born on their due dates!

Vickie is a geek about numbers. When she’s not creating a killer spreadsheet, you can find her hanging out with her family, reading, completing a puzzle, or enjoying endless cups of coffee.

Patti Marler Headshot 2022-1

Patti Marler,

Web Wonder Woman

Patti makes things happen, quickly. She is like Wonder Woman, updating the web site at a moment’s notice. Unbeknownst to you, she keeps you in the loop on upcoming calls and fixes little, inevitable challenges on the website..

Patti and Vickie are close friends who met at a Porta-Potty. (That’s another story.) She is Vickie’s twin sister (only in heart) and is also based in Georgia. We love virtual staff in other time zones. They get to work before we do in Las Vegas.

Shh! Don’t tell anyone, but she, unlike Vickie, loves wearing funky costumes on Halloween.

Mike Davis,

The Count of Coaching

You might have received a welcome video from Mike when you first joined STU, or you probably know him from the weekly virtual core calls. When Mike’s not coaching, he’s facilitating the core calls. Once a student of the Champs, Mike earned his way up through the ranks and is now their favorite MC at the big Stage Time Live event.

Mike loves story and helping people tell their stories. He’s the author of THE Book on Storytelling.

Mike helps us out from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dawson Antonucci

Dawson Antonucci,

The Video Virtuoso

Our college boy! He currently attends UNLV and is studying video. Perfect. Darren has nicknamed him “Spielberg” because of the ninja editing skills he uses when his fingers race across his keyboard. We guess that enjoying video games when he was growing up helped hone his skills.

Dawson loves sports and is a big Dodgers and Raiders fan. He is thrilled the Raiders are coming to Las Vegas.