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    I took two weeks off to work on my keynote, but I’m back to write. 1,980 words this morning and I’m going to do a bit more before I finish up for the day. See you all tomorrow!
    Just keep writing. Just keep writing.


    Downloaded Scrivener after the call. There was a coupon code “REDDIT” I used. Now I’m going to learn how to use it and start entering all my notes there.


    designed the diagram for the foundation of my book. Created a the Cycle of lies diagram as well. Looked up trademark-its mine! 🙂


    I signed up last week for a study buddy…any buddy???


    Went to the lake today, my favorite place to write. I’m working on a script. On page 68 wrote for only 30 minutes, but I wrote today, you?


    I identified my audience and interviewed 3 individuals from this audience. The purpose was to understand their perception on the subject I am interested in and the words that they used (following what Sheryl had suggested). Took notes as they spoke.


    In our YOUR BOOK! Write It Write Now 6-Week Master Class we decided to keep each other accountable. (Thanks, George for the idea!)

    (What’s your page count? OR What’s your word count?)

    So what did you do today? Let us know…as Nemo says, “Just keep writing, just keep writing…”


Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)
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