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    Did two more writing session. Now on page 87 of 120ish… you?


    I took the past 4 weeks off from writing activities as I was a breakout session presenter for a work event that I was preparing for, but now I’m back and I’ve picked up from where I left off in terms of gathering research material.


    So proud of you! Yes, it will constantly morph and that’s okay. Just keep writing : )


    That is awesome! I love the idea of doing FB Lives for each chapter. Good job!


    I had an issue trying to get into the forum for some time, so I haven’t posted here….BUT…here’s where I am as of this week.


    I’ve identified the audiences for my book, and the overall message.

    I’ve got 30 chapters outlined with 3 major sections and a wrap-up.

    I’ve got 6 chapters fully written, with the outlines for the other 24

    Posting the chapters weekly on my blog, and sharing on my FB page, STU page, and one other group.

    Hosting a FB live session for each chapter release. That’s a new thing for me, but it should help me stay on schedule with writing.  I’m currently 3 chapters ahead of the postings, and should increase that lead, since I’m targeting 2-3 chapters each week.

    Once I get the final chapter posted, I’ll be summing up the experience on my blog, then taking the book down as I go into editing. After that, I’ll post excerpts as part of the release / promotion.


    I also downloaded Scrivner. What an upgrade from Word! Wow! Thanks for that tip! I spent many, many hours tucked away in a resort in Florida working on my book. I love how it morphs as i plan and write and research. It’s mostly outlined with quotes, data and stories. Now that I’m home I’ve got to make time to get away from the distractions! Need to read Sheryl’s book!;)


    53 Minutes today by the pool in my community. at page 83 in script of 120. Whoo hooo.


    Went to the lake last night and wrote for 45 minutes. Not much, but progress. On page 79 of 120 page script.



    Happy Monday!

    I found two links that might be helpful as you go through your journey.

    How to Cite Sources in Your Manuscript

    I hope these help you : )
    Just keep writing. Just keep writing.


    Went through Patricia Fripp’s keynote tips to see how I can apply that to my ToC (as Darren had suggested). Working on the ToC.

    I wrote up the questions for one of my star interviewee. Feeling good.


    I confess I’ve slacked a lot on making progress on a book. I haven’t done much beyond organizing my brainstorming ideas from my sticky notes into groups and transferring them to the Scrivener software. Next I need to organize them into chapters. I have a good amount of original content to add to the book, and I need to organize that as well. It’s why I love scrivener. I can move things around so easily.

    Let’s press on!


    Nice job today, everyone! I can’t wait until you hold your finished manuscript in your hands… I want to see pictures! Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
    Now… just keep writing!


    Albert, are you taking notes as you’re reading and researching? If you’re like me, you might think “I’m totally going to remember that!” and you’re totally not.


    Nice! Keep it up! I went to the lake to write as I stated in video email. I realize how much “accountability” helps me. I wrote for an hour and 12 minutes (I use my stopwatch app on phone). 71 Pages of script done.
    I need to get my momentum back.
    See you all Wed online!


    Spent the last 4 days on researching articles and papers. Brain is fried from all the reading.

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