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    Been a little side tracked last couple of weeks, but I’m back to writing as I worked on the intro today.


    I spent four hours writing today. woo hoo! I finished my intro and am very happy with it! I also worked on two chapters: 1. lies we believe and where they come from and 2.Separation from Others. I love how events in life become lessons in our chapters and part of our stories! I’ve been feeling really pushed to get my book done so I’m hitting it hard. My Buddy Michael is helping keep me accountable. 🙂


    I’m still going at this. I finally finished one of my long research articles, which was 200+ pages. Now I have one more of similar length to go before wrapping up the research phase.


    Good idea – I’ll post in the FB group. If you can put the word out to STU, that would be awesome. I’ve not done a full grammar / line edit yet, and I have an editor lined up to do the heavy lifting once it comes back from the beta readers. I’m looking for feedback on how the story holds together, any weak points, and value / interest to the reader.





    We can put out the word in STU if you’d like. Please post in private facebook group too!


    Finished my draft manuscript (30 chapters, 35K words). Got the manuscript out to 5 beta readers for feedback and fixes before I get my editor going, targeting Aug 1 to turn it over to them.

    Talking with a layout / cover designer next week.

    Making a list of potential Advance Copy Readers and reviewers…as well as some desired foreword writers. Anyone have ideas or suggestions?

    Are there any forum members who would be willing to do a beta read for feedback?  Happy to reciprocate when yours is ready.


    Just checking in.
    I’ve read couple of more articles this evening which were smaller in size. I still have a large research paper from Gallup to read which I will tackle tomorrow.


    Over the weekend, got to 21 of 30 chapters finished. I was also able to pre-populate several of the remaining chapters with blog posts that I had written earlier, so 4 of the remaining 9 are already ‘first-drafted’, and the other 5 have good outlines….so I may finish the manuscript by end of next week.

    Met with my editor to go over their process, and learned about ‘beta readers’. (That may have been covered in the course, but I missed it). So, I’m learning about that, and looking to set up a group of beta readers that can do memoir / non-fiction and get their feedback on it to see if there are any gaps, confusing items or other things that need to be fixed before I go into edit.

    I’ve booked two podcasts so far, and will be exploring how to get publicity for the book, and I’ll also work on the publishing decision (leaning towards self/hybrid, but haven’t made a final decision yet).

    Still need to get a cover / layout designer and figure out what pics will go in the book.


    Good points all, thanks. I get Maureen’s point about blog posts vs book content – I have a plan (at some point) to re-purpose blog content as a book, but that’s after this one gets baked. (and is a side project lower in priority than the other 2 books that are to follow this one).

    Since this is a personal story, and I’m posting chapters, they tend to be a lot longer to begin with (1000-1200 words), and in a narrative format rather than a blog post, which is short and to the point. There are a few blog posts that I’ve written around the overall story, so those will definitely stay up…and I think I’ll stop posting with the ‘end’ of the story, which is the 2014 Marine Corps Marathon. The last section of the book is the journey since then, my lessons learned, and a final chapter challenging the reader to “Get Out the Door” and go after what they want. That way, anyone who’s kept up with the story will get some additional value from the book, and I can tease interest with excerpts.

    TL;DR  version:

    • Pull the ‘book’ after the last chapter in the narrative
    • Keep the relevant blog posts
    • Post excerpts to gauge interest
    • Add content to the book that wasn’t in the original posts

    Thanks to all for your input!


    My last book includes material from my blog posts. However, since I think a chapter is bigger than a blog post, I would add content to the blog for the chapter. I also added content to the book that was not in my blog. I also repurposed content from my presentations, as well as blog posts from a different topic I used to speak on (leadership.) I redesigned the content to fit the new book. I never removed any of those blogs from my site. They’re all still there.

    My suggestion is to keep your blog posts very short, just a few hundred words. Then add to it for the chapters. That way, when people get the book, they won’t feel cheated for having read all the content already (assuming your fans do read your content online.)

    Cathy Fyock is a member of the National Speakers Assosciation and a book coach. She wrote a book called “Blog2Book: Repurposing content to Discover the Book You Already Wrote”. I haven’t read it, but I know she’s helped dozens of NSA members take their blogs into a book. One, in particular, is a woman named Lois Creamer, who helps emerging speakers launch a speaking business. I have read every inch of her website. Several times. I bought her book and while I recognized much of the content, it still felt fresh and useful because it went into greater detail in some areas, and included case studies. Plus, Lois continues to add content to her blog.

    It seems like a hassle to go back and take down old blog posts once you publish a book. Also, once you go through editing the content may be significantly different (or structured differently) than was in the post in the first place. I’d leave it alone.

    Good question! There probably are different ways to handle it. The key is that you’re creating content and repurposing it!


    Once the book goes to editing, (as I posted above) the whole thing comes down as a ‘book’, then only excerpts get posted as a lead-in to get readers to the next step. I think I’ll pose the question on my next FB live to crowd source responses….and now that my subscription list is fixed (Thanks, Cynthia Lay!), I could start collecting interested emails now (Here’s the latest chapter – if you’d like access to previous chapters, click here). Once it goes into editing, a ‘sign-up to be notified when the book is released’…

    So, I think I’ve got my direction – I’ll still post the latest chapter, then pull the older ones, but make them available for a limited time to subscribers, and collect subscribers for targeting the release.


    (Now I need to finish the 2nd half of the writing). I’ve got my editor, which is good.


    My personal thought is to only have a select number or chapters available as posts. You can still test other chapters (without telling people chapters) to see what you get for comments. See if it helps people or if you need to adjust.

    That help?


    Did this Monday….but held my 5th FB live session – I’m dropping a new chapter every week, and staying ahead of the readers. I should have it finished by end of July. Each chapter is a new blog post, and I’m getting good reaction / feedback so far. When I go into editing, I plan to take the whole book down, then when it’s ready, post excerpts for promotion…

    ….Question for the group – Right now, all chapters are reachable on my blog….should I limit the posts to the current chapter, or is it a good idea to have previous chapters available? I don’t think I’m undercutting my potential readers / buyers at this point, but this is my first book.


    Maureen, that would be an effective way to progress and keep us accountable. I would definitely attend.


    I met with my speakers Mastermind group yesterday and we talked about book writing. I’m wanting to get back on track with my next book. What do you think about forming a regular “writing-only” session. This is how I got my last book done so fast. I met twice a week for 2 hours, online through zoom video that we call “Shut up and Write”. We had a group of about 10-12 people, and all we did was write. No chit chat, no teaching, no slides. We just met and wrote. We took a break every 25 minutes to check in with each other and answer any questions or toss an idea around, but it lasted no longer than 5 minutes.

    It was AWESOME!

    I’m happy to host such a regular session. Attendance is optional, but if you want to make significant progress, it’s a great way to do it. What do you think?



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