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    Kathy, I agree.  I attended Darren’s program on using 17 minutes to accomplish our dreams.  I started  in September 2022 using the 17 minutes a day commitment to accomplish my dream of getting my pilot’s license.  Persistence has been important, because in two months I have had 15 of 16 training flights cancelled due to weather or instructor illness but am preparing daily to take the FAA test and using my simulator.  I plan to start the 77 day challenge when I start actually flying.


    Hi Kathy

    I am 7 days new to STU.

    I am eager to speak (not to take the stage, but for personal development).  When I present the audience comments on my voice, tone and vocal variety (I suppose this is as a result of my loving to sing), but my speechcraft is struggling.   I felt it after speaking – and I know deep down, I got issues with my content (starting, body, finishing and diving home a clear message.

    I joined STU as a way to get over this internal struggle and it is my intention to have a paced preparation in time for humorous contest and table topics contest set for Thursday 23rd September.  I am not after winning the contest at club level, but I want to connect with my speech and have the confidence that I shared something meaningful to my audience.

    What is the criteria around the 17 minutes a day?

    What is the criteria around the 77 days challenge?

    If you are still here, I would like to engage in a conversation and share the journey.

    Hope to get a response soon.

    Venice Rowe


    I don’t see many posts in the forum on this thread.  With the 77 day challenge and Darren talking about 17 minutes a day I think we need to start a new challenge!   Anyone want to join me in this??

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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