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    Hey folks!

    I was so jazzed to be part of the Your Book: Write it Right Now faculty and I decided it was time to get writing another book (it will be my 5th.) I want to create a very short “tips” format book that I will use as an eBook download lead generator on my website. I’ll also print it as a small book to give away at my speaking engagements.

    My audience is the person who is successful, smart and skilled, but suffers from secret self-doubt that discounts their achievements, and makes them feel like a fake. My working title (that I’m not thrilled with) is “Thirty Day Fraud-Fighter Tips” and is a daily dose of wisdom to overcome Impostor Syndrome (my speaking topic.) I have a mountain of content to include, so my challenge is to organize it and edit down to be in a small daily wisdom format. Each day will be only about 300 words, so the whole book is a tiny 9000 word volume.

    Condensing…that’s my biggest challenge. I’m simply not brief. Case in point: I only need 30 tips. I think I have 83 ideas.



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