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Get More Bookings

Get More Bookings

Command Higher Fees & Get More Clients

Command Higher Fees

Build Your Business

Build Your Business

People we’ve helped in their speaking career.

Who is This For?

  • Experts who want to build their business
  • Coaches who want more clients
  • Speakers who want to get paid to speak
  • Authors who want to sell more books

Get the step-by-step process and group mentoring from two pros.

If you’re a coach, author, or consultant, you’ve probably considered public speaking as a way to share your expertise and grow your business.

But most wanna-be presenters never reach their potential because the path to the platform is confusing and full of potholes. They wind up charging too little, not knowing what to say, talking to audiences that can’t afford their services, and giving forgettable lectures that fail to make a lasting impact and get spin off business.

Or worse, they never even take the stage.

If this sounds familiar, Public Speaking Business Mastery was designed for you.

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Professional with successful public speaking business

StageTime University is the only public speaking business program
that gives you both guidance and feedback from world-class pros.

How We’ve Helped Over 2,100 Students From Around the World
Get Breakthroughs in Their Presentations & Business

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Building a profitable public speaking business requires more than just hard work.
You need guidance and feedback from people who have been where you want to go.

A Step-by-Step Process to build a public speaking business

A Step-by-Step Process

Get instant access to self-paced trainings and discover how to build a public speaking business that grows your platform and generates more clients.

Public Speaking Business Mastery Mentoring Calls

Business Mentoring Calls

Ask questions and get answers from world-class business mentors. You shouldn’t have to wonder if you’re right on-track or way off-base.

Skill Programs & Coaching Calls

Skill Programs & Coaching Calls

Become the in-demand speaker everyone loves. Our step-by-step programs will help you create, structure, and deliver unforgettable presentations.

Darren LaCroix shaking hands after a presentation

Public Speaking Business
Mastery is ideal for:

  • Coaches who want to build their business through speaking
  • ​Entrepreneurs who want to increase their influence
  • Professional speakers who want more bookings ​
  • Authors who want to build their brand and sell more books ​
  • Emerging speakers who want to get started quickly
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What do our members say?

We’ve helped members in 46 countries start podcasts, give unforgettable TED talks, get high-ticket coaching clients, and reach the highest levels of world championships.

How have our courses and coaches helped them?

Beth Sears, Executive Consultant

Jeffrey Purtee, Professional Speaker

Stacy Dymalski, Comedian

Ella Gibbons, Sydney Australia

George Jarosik, Professional Clown

Bill Brown, Speech Coach

Marisa Shadrick, Podcast Host

David Fritzlen, Author

Duane Hoffbauer

Marcy Renken, First Paid Speech!

Dr. Job Mogire, Seasoned Speaker

Deborah Walker, Canada

Kathy Draper, Speaker Coach

Wilbur Bowen, Cancer Survivor

Kanak Khare, Contestant

STU Members on a Mission

Kelly Hall

Paul Artale

Irvine Nugent

Rudy Segovia

Mark Brown


Meet Our Biggest Advantage:
Presentation Coaches & Business Mentors

“Those who can’t do, teach” — right? Not around here. You’ll learn and get feedback from world-class
professionals who have (very) successfully done exactly what they teach.
Darren LaCroix

Darren LaCroix

World-Champion Speaker

Business Growth Expert Ford Saeks

Ford Saeks

Business Growth Expert

Hollywood Story Expert Michael Hauge

Michael Hauge

Hollywood Story Expert

World-Class Coach Jennifer Leone

Jennifer Leone

World-Class Coach

World Champion Speaker Mark Brown

Mark Brown

World-Champion Speaker

World-Class Coach Michael Davis

Michael Davis

World-Class Coach

Stephanie McHugh

Stephanie McHugh

Standup Comedian

Chris McGuire

Chris McGuire

Comedy Writing Coach

WATCH! How finding the right coach took Darren LaCroix from performing night clubs gigs to world champion.

What’s included with Public
Speaking Business Mastery?

  • All the Presentation Mastery video trainings, so you can learn to create unforgettable presentations
  • Business Mastery video trainings, so you can follow a step-by-step process to develop your skills and business
  • Weekly Coaching calls, so you can get pro feedback on your presentations
  • Business Mentoring calls 2x/month, so you can get feedback get feedback on growing your business

How is Stage Time Different?

Build your business and be unforgettable.

You don’t have to guess how to build your speaking business. We have a plan
mapped out based on decades of experience.
Follow the Step-by-Step Process

1. Follow the Step-by-Step Process

Get instant access and go at your own pace through our training courses.

Get Feedback from Pros

2. Get Feedback from Pros

See your presentations and business plan through the eyes of world-class coaches.

Build Your Business

3. Build Your Business

Take the stage with confidence and grow your business and influence.

More Praise from Students Building Their
Public Speaking Business

What does all this cost?

These programs (sold separately) add up to over $5,440.
One-on-one coaching with our coaches ranges from $300-500/hr.
You get access to our programs and coaches for less for just $197/month.
Yes, really.

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FREE Training: Get Paid to Speak

Get more clients, more gigs and more streams of income… it starts with these 3 secrets, based on decades of real-life experience, in just 59-minutes.

Ready to start presenting like a pro and
getting clients every time you’re on stage?

Don’t spend another day spinning your wheels and cutting your potential short. Join Public
Speaking Business Mastery and grow your business with unforgettable presentations.