Get the presentation skills that
make good speakers unforgettable

Our courses and coaches help speakers develop world-class
presentation skills and build a public speaking business.
Tell Better Stories & Get Bigger Laughs

Tell Better Stories &
Get Bigger Laughs

Command Higher Fees & Get More Clients

Command Higher Fees
& Get More Clients

Be Known as the Best Speaker in Your Niche

Be Known as the Best
Speaker in Your Niche

Confident woman giving a presentation

Imagine delivering an unforgettable presentation to a captivated crowd.

People want to master world-class presentation skills for many reasons. Maybe you…

  • Have a message that needs to be heard
  • Want to build your business by sharing your expertise
  • Or you simply enjoy inspiring and entertaining audiences

Whatever the “why,” most people hit a wall in developing both their skills and public speaking business. Here’s why: To speak like a pro, you need guidance and feedback from a pro. You need someone who has been there to help you get there.

That’s what you get with Stage Time University.

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Stage Time University is the only presentation skills program that gives you both guidance and feedback from world-class pros.

How We’ve Helped Over 2,100 Students Get
Breakthroughs in Their Presentations & Business:

Building a profitable public speaking business requires more than just hard work.
You need guidance and feedback from people who have been where you want to go.

We’ve helped presenters from around the world:

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Step by Step Process for Presentation Mastery

A Step-by-Step Process

Get instant access to self-paced trainings and discover how to create world-class presentations and build your public speaking business.

Live Feedback Calls from Pro Presenters in Public Speaking Course

LIVE Feedback Calls

Ask questions and get answers from world-class and world-champion coaches. You shouldn’t have to wonder if you’re right on-track or way off-base.

Man on business mentoring call with professional presentation experts

Business Mentoring Calls

Learn how to build your public speaking business by speaking directly with a world-champion speaker and experienced business growth expert.

What do our members say?

We’ve helped members in 46 countries start podcasts, give unforgettable TED Talks, get high-ticket coaching clients, and reach the highest levels of the world champion speech contest.

Meet Our Biggest Advantage:
Your Coaches and Mentors

“Those who can’t do, teach” — right? Not around here. You’ll learn and get feedback from world-class
professionals who have (very) successfully done exactly what they teach.
Darren LaCroix

Darren LaCroix

World-Champion Speaker

Business Growth Expert Ford Saeks

Ford Saeks

Business Growth Expert

Hollywood Story Expert Michael Hauge

Michael Hauge

Hollywood Story Expert

World-Class Coach Jennifer Leone

Jennifer Leone

World-Class Coach

World Champion Speaker Mark Brown

Mark Brown

World-Champion Speaker

World-Class Presentation Coach Mike Davis

Michael Davis

World-Class Coach

Stephanie McHugh

Stephanie McHugh

Standup Comedian

WATCH! How finding the right coach took Darren LaCroix from performing night clubs gigs to world champion.

Master the Art of Unforgettable Presentations

Your Effort x (Proven Process + Meaningful Feedback) = Presentation Mastery
Follow the Step-by-Step Process

1. Follow the Step-by-Step Process

Get instant access and go at your own pace through our training courses.

Get Feedback from Pros

2. Get Feedback from Pros

See your presentations and business plan through the eyes of world-class coaches.

Take the stage with confidence and grow your business and influence.

3. Become Unforgettable

Take the stage with confidence and grow your business and influence.

Membership Options

Want to Deliver Unforgettable

Presentation Mastery

Learn to Speak Like a Pro

✓ Create Powerful Presentations

✓ Tell Unforgettable Stories

✓ Get More Laughs & Applause

✓ Have More Confidence Own the Stage

✓ Get Feedback from World-Class Coaches

Want to Get Paid to Speak?

Business Mastery

Learn to Speak Like a Pro
& Build Your Business

✓ Everything from Presentation Mastery, plus…

✓ Get Paid to Speak

✓ Increase Your Client Base

✓ Book More Business

✓ Get More Referrals

✓ Build Multiple Streams of Income

✓ Ask Business Mentors Questions 2X per month

Are you making any of the Top 10 Speaking Mistakes?

After two decades of coaching, I’ve seen these too often. From beginning speakers to seasoned pros!
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